Killing My Days Off

Arrgh.. Having futsal games without eating is a big mistake! It made me catcha pain whole my body.. Ugh…
Alrite, today is the last day of this month’s exam, then tomorrow, HOLIDAY!!! Yayyy :DD

Just now, for the 2nd time my acer hung! Gosh! I lost some of unsaved data, had to look for it again. That stupid norton 360 did it, it absorbs almost 300mb of my free memory, what did it do? Update and SCAN! Scanning is a memory resource killer! With my winamp playing, my utorrent downloading and last, my mozilla firefox downloading files (as you know, successful downloads will be scanned) Yeah, a piece of file is ok, but more than 4 is a catastrophe for my acer. phew..

What else? My winamp was playing coldplay’s strawberry swing, ‘n then it sounded like tjittjitjtitjit again again and again until i restart manually.. argh.. so annoying ya know!

Yesterday I found a beautiful traditional hand art, from Clap-San in DeviantArt.

Pretty cool lor yar.. click image to zoom..

Word of The Day
having many details or giving careful attention to details
a detailed list of the ingredients required

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