Vista Lags, Flash Shakes.

Yesterday was surely a lagging day til this evening 6 pm, but now everything is in my control again.. Muuahhahaa..

Alright, it was not because of my processor or HDD fault nor softwares errors… I was sooo stupid that I uninstalled my Adobe Flash with its ActiveX!! The 2nd problem came, guess what? Yes, it’s related to my adobe flash.

Now, I’ll explain how to solve for you who have the same problems with me…

*Vista Lagging Spike*

Problem indications:
✓HDD exhausted <Can see from your HDD LED blinking speed>.
✓Very high CPU usage <Check it from Task Manager, sometimes it’s stable>.
✓Your memory aka RAM cut off sooo deep that even you can’t breath… Especially if you uses Vista.

If the third check is happening from time to time, then you can tell that you are having this issue

How to solve:
It is pretty easy to solve actually… Here we go…

❶ Open your RUN [Windows+R].
❷ Type in “services.msc“. Override UAC.
❸ Go to the lowermost of the pane, you should find “Windows Search“, double click it.
❹ Click Stop, then after stopped, change the Start Up Type to “Disabled“.
❺ Voila! No more lag! (:


*IE Flash Fails*

Problem indications:
✓Cannot play youtube videos
✓Your Live Messenger ask for it to play winks.
✓You feel annoyed if your wink doesn’t play in your comp.. :P

How to solve:
Another easy to solve problem, but a lot of pros don’t give you the perfect explaination to your problem ie. they just link you to other site <That sucks you know>… Okay, let’s get to the point~

❶ Go to here for the ActiveX and here if you haven’t got Adobe Flash yet.
❷ After finished download, close your firefox or IE and all Windows Live softwares, then install it.
❸ Reboot if you’re willing to :D then try your wink or open youtube again. See if you are able now… ^^
❹ Voila! Everything goes fine! (:

Ok.. I think it’s enough for today’s problema… Hha…

Word of The Day
vtcraved, craving, craves desire intensely or need urgently. beg for.
vi have a longing

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