Should One Lies?

Once I thought in my mind, why can’t I lie? Although I always lie to myself, but guess, no I can not lie to others! That’s a BIG problem.
Everytime I be cornered, I’d eager try to talk bullshits, lies and others, but I have to tell myself first that I the one that I talk to would never ever forgive this, the words..
Yeah, I could say that my words are extra-hot when I am concentrate about making one falls, falls to the dead end !

Back to the point. I just now remember about my former fav kid figure, Pinocchio.

You must have known the story of course, don’t lie! Hha..
It actually is a good story, teach kids not to lie. But in another hand, nowadays kids are smart, but witful, and they love to lie. That sucks. Like my sister, step sister, I don’t know where she learnt this stuff.

Is lying a kind of defending self? Absolutely no! It only brings other problema. Don’t you think so? Even I never believe about white lies. They say, white lies are good for something on purpose. Now, I’d like to ask, what purpose is it? How precious is it? At last no one would answer it, because, yes, you have to sacrifice another something important, precious too.

Look at Pino, he was craved by a kind-hearted lumberjack or mebbe artist, eh? Whatsoever it is called… But then, after he knew the world, have the joy, freedom and life, he lied. Luckily, if he got lying, his nose would become longer. And that would tell him that it’s not a good thing to do.

At last, he did white lie too. When he and his dad were in the big fish’s throat, he said that he didn’t love his father and blah blah blah… So that his nose will stuck in the throat and they could escape then. And another lucky thing, he’s just wood, his nose he sacrificed could grow back. Not like us, if we hurt ourself, it’ll be marked on the flesh until the death.

So lads, I hope no one did lie today and from now on. It is no better nor worse if we just say the truth, so ppl can trust you.

Word of The Day
Water witch
a person who claims the ability to detect water underground be means of a divining rod

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