Cloning HDD from One Netbook To Another With Acronis True Image

Ok, this is my first post since months ago. Was so busy with exams…

Forget it, now I wanna write a guide to clone HDD from one netbook to another.
I got a new netbook from my uncle in January, it was a complete netbook with OS and applications installed flawlessly. But last week, when he sent another netbook, same specs, same model, everything is identical, except it’s without OS… Whoa, I was a little confused actually, and then after searching the net, now I found the best solution.
Here we go…
Preclone, we need….
1. 2 identical netbooks, huh?
Or maybe not really identical, coz I don’t know what gonna happen if we use other netbook with other spec to be the target clone.
* Call the netbook with OS installed > Clone Builder or NB1
* Call the target netbook > Clone Target or NB2
2. 2 flash drives (4gb at least)
the first flash drive must be installed with Windows XP Pro Setup, can read how to do it here.
the second flash drive must be installed a Bootable Rescue Media.
* Let’s call the first flash drive > FD1
* and the second flash drive > FD2
3. External HDD, huh?
Yeah, at least you gotta 30gb storage to store the backup image created by Acronis.
But if you wanna skip step #, this won’t bother. And I hadn’t tried it, so I don’t know it will work or not.
* Let’s call this HDD > exHDD
4. Acronis True Image 2010
You can get the torrent here. I don’t know about other version, but I think it will go OK.
My time elapsed to finish this all: around 1 hour ( not included imaging and making Win XP Pro USB Setup on FD1 )
NB2, in Win Setup Boot
1. Boot FD1 that contains Win XP Pro Setup in NB2.
2. Chose the text boot.
3. Enter Recovery Console by pressing R.
4. Select the boot and enter the Admin password.
5. Type “diskpart”.
6. Delete all partitions available.
7. Make a new partition the same as NB1 total size. Press esc.
8. Now you’re in Repair Console again, type “format c: /q /fs:ntfs”.
9. If it asks for autofmt.exe, type “u:\$WIN_NT$.~LS\I386\autofmt.exe”.
10. Proceed with format? type “y” and enter.
11. Remove FD1, plug FD2 and exHDD, restart and boot FD2.
NB2, in Acronis Boot Loader
13. Click Acronis True Image Home (Full version)
14. It will analyze your exHDD.
15. Click Recovery tab
16. Click Browse for backup… it’ll take a while to browse for image backup in exHDD.
17. Go to Home tab> My Disks (Recover)
18. Don’t change anything, press Next.
19. Click on Disk1, Next.
20. Partition Location> New Location> Disk 2> NTFS (Unlabeled) C: > Accept
21. Partition type > Change default (make it as active)
22. Partition size > Change default (make it as same size as image) > Next
23. Select Disk 2 > Next > Proceed
24. Restoring. This may take time around 20 min ( depends on your image size )
25. After it’s finished, remove all USB and reboot your NB2. See if it works correctly as you want. :D
Voila~ Nothing is impossible!
NB. Tested on HP-mini 210 netbooks, Kingston flashdrives and Hitachi exHDD
for drivers on NB2, please reinstall or on Device Manager, scan for hardware changes.
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