Springtomize 2

Filippo Bigo has released a new version of Springtomize, Springtomize 2 for iOS 5. This is the most amazing and the must have tweak that will let you customize the home screen,Lock screen and even the status bar of your iPhone or iPod Touch as you want. This size of this tweak is mere 465kb but it packs a large number of options. However, you will need to spend $2.99 in Cydia Store to get this tweak.

According to developer:

Springtomize allows you to customize your SpringBoard, to make it look and feel how you want. It provides plenty of options to modify even the littlest aspect of your device. Springtomize is really the only tweak you need to customize your device, and it provides all the settings you may need in a single, convenient interface.

This amazing tweak let’s you to change every aspect of your iPhone from status bar to the “Slide to Unlock”. There are many options under settings on your iPhone. These options includes mainly for Dock, Lockscreen, Animations, icons, Folders, App Switcher, Time machine, Status bar, Pages, Theming, Notification Centre and Many more. Well, we will definitely recommend you to try this amazing jailbreak tweak.

The guys over iDB has posted a complete walkthrough about the Springtomize 2. You can watch this video below:

You can download it from here.
Credit to Fabius!

To install it, simply use iFile or from terminal use this
dpkg -i com.filippobiga.springtomize2_1.0-1_iphoneos-arm_fabius.deb


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