Video Stream Allows iOS 5 Users To Store And Transfer Videos With iCloud

Apple introduced Photo Stream in iOS 5 , an iCloud based service that allowed storage of most recent photos in the cloud and automatically have them pushed to the devices , including the Windows and the Mac. But it received criticism over its lack of settings and customization options e.g it didn’t allow to choose which photos should be kept private and which photos should go in the Photo Stream.

But what disappointed the users most was the lack of video support. And the new iPhone 4S is consuming a lot of space as many users are shooting 1080p videos and even a decent Wi-Fi connection requires several minutes to get a small 1080p video to the Cloud and after that download it back to other devices.

But what saved this quick space consumption mania is the fact that Apple gave an API to the developers and where one of the developers saw a chance and came up with Video Stream. Still being a third-party app , the aim is to provide iOS 5 users the path to store videos in iCloud and transfer them to connected iCloud devices easily.

Built for both the iPhone and iPad. It offers a simple concept. You can manually import videos from the Camera Roll and the app would start uploading them to the iCloud. You can also shoot new videos directly into the Video Stream. Once the uploading is done , the videos will begin to show up on other devices which are running Video Stream. And since it is a third party app , videos wouldn’t be automatically uploaded after they’ve been recorded with an iPad or iPhone. You’ll need to import them yourself to the app.

There are 3 options for compressing the video before it is uploaded : Low , Medium and High quality. Better to use this app rather than emailing videos to yourself just to get them to other devices. A plus point is everything stays in sync , thanks to the iCloud.

Video Stream is available at App Store for $0.99 and the developer says it’s an offer price. So get it now or otherwise you might regret your decision to wait.

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