iCade Mobile turns your iPhone into a PSP wannabe

iCade Mobile
The iCade Mobile lets you play iOS games without fingers covering the action on the screen.
(Credit: Aloysius Low/CNET Asia)

LAS VEGAS, US–Ion Audio–the people behind the iCade, an iPad arcade cabinet–showed its latest iCade Mobile game controller at the CES Unveiled event. The gaming pad basically connects to your iPhone/iPod touch over Bluetooth and, if the game has support for the iCade, will allow you to use the physical buttons instead.

We imagine that this would be great for action platformer games like Super Mega Worm (which already has iCade support built-in) or Mos Speedrun. We note that because it uses Bluetooth, your battery drain may be greater. Depending on your game, the iCade Mobile also lets you play in portrait mode by simply turning the casing that holds the iPhone/iPod touch.

If the PSP-ish look isn’t your cup of tea, there’s always the iCade Jr., a smaller version of the iCade. The unit we saw at the CES Unveiled event was a non-working prototype which looks similar to the iCade but also lets you play in landscape mode via two hooks at the edges. It should also support portrait mode like the original iCade.

iCade Mobile
The iCade Jr. will turn you an old school arcade gaming boss.
(Credit: Aloysius Low/CNET Asia)

The iCade Mobile will be available sometime in 2012 at US$79.99 while the pricing for the iCade Junior has not been revealed yet. Both gadgets can be ordered online when it’s released, and we understand that Ion Audio also has shipping options to Asia.


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