Let’s make friends?

Almost 1 year I have stopped writing to this blog with useful information, instead I had some down time and make my journal private then locked it up. Now I realized, it does not matter any more. What have passed should be in the past and don’t interfere with our current and up coming future.

In the past 8 months, a lot of things have happened, from rushing doing my final year project, breaking up, this and that and then making new friends. Yeah, making new friends is very important to have a happy life. But, remember, don’t trust anyone 100%, don’t fool yourself, people change! Choose your friends wisely too, try to dismiss those who can drag you down and avoid those who do immoral things subjectively and relatively, depends on your perception.

Now how to make friends? I usually start up with a small chat and mingle into their conversation, if they offer something like snack, just accept it, it will make them feel more comfortable or else you can reject it with some sweet words. But in conversation, never mention about your sad stories, people don’t like to be dragged down either! Every time you see them randomly, try to say hi or something and don’t forget to smile. People are comfortable with those who smile naturally. If you have to share some payment, try to pay first.

After being comfortable with each other, you guys can do a lot of silly things together, try to get more knowledge in depth of your friends, tell your good stories, tell what you know that is interesting, read news paper or online news (they might come in handy to make a small talk!). Be more social, this will help to exercise your brain!

P.S. Sometimes being social also require to have money (useful if you are invited to some dinner or something), so work hard or else be a useful friend, just don’t feel opposed. For whatever you want, you still have to sacrifice something.

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