Bug Report: Error #500

Bug Report: Error #500
Report Title: Internal Service Error

There is a bug found on the BIOS of this body’s processor which enable a worm to reside on the host, its generic name known as ‘Brain32.Depression’. It can infect in a sudden and can be fixed for temporarily also can infect and stay for a long term on the host.

The symptoms are varies from one host to another, in this scenario which has infected the host’s body for several times a year, the symptoms are such as trying to kill itself, over clocked processing on the brain, filling brain’s capacity with unrelated files and processes as well as filling up all processing memory.

Sometimes, this worm also can cause processor to get a very high temperature and cause the heart to pump more blood and confuse the processor by changing the mood and heavy breathing, too. Most of the time, the causes are external problems that affect the internal processes.

Currently the only safe way to prevent it to kill itself for this host is to install fear and to fix up the symptoms by eating, taking bath, drinking water or sleeping, writing, listening to music and restart the internal processes and start to solve the external problems one by one.

Other methods such as taking anti Brain32.Depression pills are not recommended because it may cause temporal or permanent breakage of the internal processes and the processor itself.

i really need to debug this body’s processor, but i think it is impossible. i just want to get rid of this bug entirely from this body, from this life.

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