Beliefs in the modern era

I still remember those teenager days I was like a rebel, grouping a small number of friends to start an anti-religious group. I was already fed with those holy like words, making me sick of their unexplainable thoughts — those people were so conservative, but I couldn’t do anything against them except to stay on my own way, that was avoiding.

Nowadays, almost all them time new people I meet would ask about my beliefs. I always have a hard time what to say. For some reasons, I would tell them that I was a brought up Christian and left it to become a free thinker, and at another time I would just simply say Christian, especially for formality records. Now, what would they think about me?

One time, I was on my way back from a travelling. I met someone who was also going to the same apartment as I was heading. We had a small chat. If I am not mistaken, his second question was my belief — I answered simply, “I am not interested in such thing”. His reply was — “Oh, so you are a free thinker. That’s good, that’s good”. Well, I talked back to him the reason why I became a free thinker and what about himself. He was from US and a Muslim. In my thoughts, maybe the US had changed people’s mind — his eyes didn’t show any hate towards those who didn’t have same belief as himself.

A kind of feeling whenever somebody ask this issue makes me feel uneasy, but sometimes it returns unexpected and show that we can blend together — whatever ethnic, beliefs, tradition, race — and making life a bit more happy.

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