Working my way out into the society

Well, it was already 14 weeks 9 months since I joined this company. A lot of things happened and lead my eyes wide into the real world, a human race community. Still I find it hard to believe that I, who believe in individualism, have blended with them. I need their help as they need my help. We achieve goals together and bring solution to real world problems.

It is not always easy to do all this though, we need to be critical and provide different perspectives for each problem. As a part of the company, I am struggling to come up with ideas or answers promptly as I have a blurry — hazed mind. I think about a bunch of things and focused on something but in a moment I’d lost my focus and find myself thinking about another bunch of things. Well, this is truly a weakness for ever growing company.

Thinking about the core values, visions and missions this company have, I don’t think everybody embraces them whole heartedly. There are many of them can’t recite the values, missions and visions; neither do I. But, I am inclined to fulfil my contract here to the core values, trying my best to implement them into our products.

Besides the work, I have been having fun with new colleagues, they are friendly and helpful. Though I know I shouldn’t keep asking for help from them — as it will make me become dependent — but most of time I asked for help, they’d be willing to help. This is why I am now attached to this company maybe…

The earning is not so big — and also not a big deal to me — but this job has given me more valuable things. I have learned more about this country’s society, become more like minded person. I get my first driving class and now I got my first driving license, I don’t even have driving in my home country (sad)… In the coming weeks I will be getting my first vehicle (duh, my financial balance..!) since I think it will be more easier to hang out with friends by having a vehicle (the taxi rate is pretty expensive here!).

Let’s see what else will I get in the next 15 months before my contract ends!

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