Wizard of earthsea and tombs of atuan short review

I’ve been reading the earthsea cycle in the past month. A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula is a great fantasy book about young wizard called Sparrowhawk. At first I was immersed by her style of writing, very structured just like the way I would love to narrate a story. But step by step with old vocabularies, at some parts the story is getting more harder to understand with my just-so-so English vocabulary. I need to open up my dictionary and continue reading. But with the Kindle I bought, it is easy to go through some words. Except things like gebbeth or whatever it is. Nevertheless, overall A Wizard of Earthsea was a nicely told.

The Tombs of Atuan though, I was expecting the story to focus on Sparrowhawk again, but no, it continues with the story of a priestess or something called Tenar. The narration style is slightly changed, I cannot express it in words, but it is harder to understand. I think I just get 70% of the total story understood.

Now I am continuing with her third book, the Farthest Shore. Stuck in chapter 2. Would love to finish this book sooner so that I can read about Tehanu..

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