Knowledge knows no border

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Some say that knowledge knows no border, the others say that contains your knowledge and silence is gold. Being a man with open mind is really difficult sometimes, you need to judge and to think critically. I am not expert, there are billions of stuffs beyond my brain capacity to process, but to think open-minded I will have to do it anyway. This is why I loved philosophy. There is no absolute right nor wrong, everything is balanced out accordingly, like yin yang.

While working for my employer, I’ve seen so many faces; good ones, bad ones; you name it. There are those that I despise, people with greed and selfishness. The past 2 years are the biggest number of employee changes in this company. It’s now 50, the highest was 57 if I am not mistaken. Year 2015 was a great year because of GST, it boosted our sales, we made some fortune. But year 2016 wasn’t good, we had so much expenses especially on new building to accommodate this growing family, leaving no room for bonus nor increment! I am shy to call this family, but I am here today writing this because of them.

Many colleagues started to leave the company because of 2016 situation. Those staying behind were just able to complain. Every hangout moments with them were mostly discussing about the decisions company made. In my defence, it’s company’s rights to do so, you have the option to leave too if you want, otherwise you don’t have to keep complaining, you must try to change it, you give suggestions on how to improve the situation, the best way out. Well, I am not that good at giving advice, so I just keep it in my heart first, who knows you got more reason to backup your complains right?

I was still handling a new project at that time, not so important project to boss I guess, but I want to prove to them that we need a better system. Projects after projects, our RnD was falling apart too. Our manager was exhausted, too many to handle. There was no SOP. No standard for a company that applied ISO. ISO sounds like nothing serious in this company.

Decisions are always hard to make when you are at the edge of the competition. I’d have the headaches too if I am sitting on your position, boss. I can’t judge your decisions, I can only wish that it’s good for us.

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