The right people


Have you ever watched Hunter X Hunter animation or even read the manga? There is a group of bad guys that I admire. Their back stories show those bandits came from the lowest place of society. They are depicted as a highly renowned gang in the story’s universe. But what make them cool is that their group called Phantom Troupe and they use spider as their emblem.

On one of the episodes, the boss has stolen a power to write predictions in the form of poems. The boss begun to write some predictions, one of them was that he would die. But if he dies, what come to the group? Will the group die too? I find it very interesting that their emblem, the spider, holds a deep meaning. I don’t really remember which character mentioned this, but it went something like this – “If one of the spider’s leg is cut off, there are 7 more that will support the spider.”.

It implies that any of the group’s members are highly skilled and can replace anyone that has been lost. In the end of the last chapters even, those still alive regrouped again. I always embraced the idea that if we have great members that trust each other, maybe I wouldn’t have gone so far to lose my cool and asked for advices from my boss. In reality tho, it is truly difficult to find the right members, so what can we do? Changing people’s behaviour is difficult, trying to find common interest – or incentive – is also not without compromises.

As for the club that is currently running, I don’t think the committees are seeing me as their club leader, but rather a person to take the responsibilities of managing a club proposed by the company. It’s all just in my head tho. I can’t judge them for what’s their true intension. Last week after getting advices from previous club president and boss, I finally took action to reduce my stress over them – giving them the incentive (maybe it’s what they needed right now). I hope I walked the correct path.

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen R. Covey)

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