You were the one who started it

I still remember when you kissed me on that fateful day.
And when my hand naturally hold yours to cross that bridge.
It was a roller-coaster life when you were around.
Already two years now since we first talked to each other.

It’s been a while since you asked for break up.
But still, I tried to make up your mind.
You told me you wanted to be alone.
I believed you.

Now I just realized how betrayed I am. Your excuses were just temporary.
When you said you were seeing some one, my feelings were stirred, succumbed to the blankness in my head.
I try to forgive myself for being in love, blindly in love with you.
I guess you started to lose your feeling since our trip to Koh Lipe. Yeah, I acted like a child and I am sorry about that.

I really want to thank your father tho. He is a great figure.
Thank him for providing great hospitality whenever I visited your house.
I won’t be able to repay him back.

I find that MLTR’s That’s Why song best fitted my feeling.
Yeah, you were the one who started it and you are right now the one who ended it.

Well at least I have tried my best, gave you chances to get back with me.
Now I have closed that door. I hope that’s the right thing I must do.





梁静茹 – 可惜不是你

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