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Make everything goes NYAN!

This is really sick. You should try this if you love nyancat. lol Just put a website name after For example, Having fun?

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Video Stream Allows iOS 5 Users To Store And Transfer Videos With iCloud

Apple introduced Photo Stream in iOS 5 , an iCloud based service that allowed storage of most recent photos in the cloud and automatically have them pushed to the devices , including the Windows and the Mac. But it received … Continue reading

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Does Adsense Really Pay?!

From my personal experience this is what I have learned from the Adsense:- 1. Forget about placing Adsense Ads if you have a traffic < 1000 2. Only 336 works within the content. Place it in a DIV with flowing … Continue reading

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Cloning HDD from One Netbook To Another With Acronis True Image

Ok, this is my first post since months ago. Was so busy with exams… Forget it, now I wanna write a guide to clone HDD from one netbook to another. I got a new netbook from my uncle in January, … Continue reading

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Multi Boot XP-Vista-7-Linux In 3 Steps!

Hello. This is my first post this year and it has been a long time since I wrote my last post. I was so busy with school’s things though. Ok, so you guys want to multi-boot your operating system with … Continue reading

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