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《痴情的男子漢》Tshi-tsîng ê Lâm-tsú-hàn

玖壹壹樂團Kiú-it-it Ga̍k-thuân

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Why does singing make me yawn?

According to… Yawning happens all the time when working on breath control. The body gets confused with the different amount of air coming in, and you yawn. Voice students yawn plenty during lessons and are embarrassed at first. Don’t … Continue reading

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Make everything goes NYAN!

This is really sick. You should try this if you love nyancat. lol Just put a website name after For example, Having fun?

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Love you like a love song by Selena Gomez

I just get struck by her song a few hours ago, might sound silly, just get used to this electro pop music because of the re-pe-pe-pe-peat. So… Enjoy it.. [Verse 1] It’s been said and done Every beautiful thought’s been … Continue reading

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Mylo Xiloto

Mylo Xyloto (pronounced /ˈmaɪloʊ ˈzaɪlətoʊ/) is the upcoming fifth studio album by English alternative rock band Coldplay, set for release on 24 October 2011. Download here.

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