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Sony powers battery with paper and cardboard

(Credit: AFP) Termites–those pesky insects that you fear might invade and destroy your home–may actually be responsible for the new wave of eco-friendly batteries, if Sony has anything to do with it. At the Eco-Products 2011 exhibition in Tokyo, Sony … Continue reading

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WiFi may damage sperm quality: Study

Argentine scientists found WiFi from a laptop kills or maims the little swimmers WiFi technology may cause a major handicap for men hoping to build a family: sperm damage.

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Spin Battery: The New Source of Energy

Researchers at the University of Miami and at the Universities of Tokyo and Tohoku, Japan, have been able to prove the existence of a “spin battery,” a battery that is “charged” by applying a large magnetic field to nano-magnets in … Continue reading

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Printable Battery, How Come?

For a long time, batteries were bulky and heavy. Now, a new cutting-edge battery is revolutionizing the field. It is thinner than a millimeter, lighter than a gram, and can be produced cost-effectively through a printing process. In the past, … Continue reading

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