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Corona Jailbreak Explained by @pod2g

Taken from pod2g’s blog.. pretty interesting 1. the user land exploit Apple has fixed all previous known ways of executing unsigned binaries in iOS 5.0. Corona does it another way. By the past, the trick security researchers used was to … Continue reading

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Facebook Timeline rolls out in New Zealand

Timeline is now being rolled-out in New Zealand. Facebook has not said yet when the entire user base will get ahold of the new feature. (Credit: James Martin, CNET) In an official blog post, Facebook said that “Starting today, we are making … Continue reading

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Malicious Android apps double in six months

The number of malicious apps mobile security firm Lookout has identified in less than six months has doubled to 1,000, according to a report from Lookout to be released tonight. The vast majority of those dubious apps are found on … Continue reading

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Little Printer turns feeds into a bite-size newspaper

It’s not pareidolia. You’re actually looking at the face of the Little Printer, a tiny output device coming in 2012 that curates your online subscriptions and spits them out as a snackable newspaper. The Little Printer occupies as much room … Continue reading

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Make everything goes NYAN!

This is really sick. You should try this if you love nyancat. lol Just put a website name after For example, Having fun?

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