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Sony powers battery with paper and cardboard

(Credit: AFP) Termites–those pesky insects that you fear might invade and destroy your home–may actually be responsible for the new wave of eco-friendly batteries, if Sony has anything to do with it. At the Eco-Products 2011 exhibition in Tokyo, Sony … Continue reading

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WiFi may damage sperm quality: Study

Argentine scientists found WiFi from a laptop kills or maims the little swimmers WiFi technology may cause a major handicap for men hoping to build a family: sperm damage.

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.xxx domains snapped up by colleges and businesses

(Credit:; screenshot by Edward Moyer/CNET) Playboy’s frequent portfolios of college women across the US are bad enough–never mind the prospect of porn sites with names like “”. That seems to be the thinking employed by colleges that, according to … Continue reading

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No more BBM in Indonesia?

Upset with Research In Motion’s (RIM) decision to build a server in Singapore instead of Indonesia, the country’s Telecommunication Regulation Body (BRTI) has threatened to pull the plug on BlackBerry services. “Because RIM has not been cooperative, it is possible … Continue reading

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Why Microsoft suddenly wants its software on the iPad

Microsoft has launched software for Apple’s iPad at a blistering pace of late, and there’s some consternation about whether these moves are wise. First, Microsoft realizes that it doesn’t dominate computing anymore–especially the mobile world. That reality is running into … Continue reading

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