Sword Art Online

This Sword Art Online eBooks are from fans translation. So far I have only read the Phantom Bullet saga and the translation should be ok — I mean, it is not that horrible. The eBooks are in MOBI format (compatible with Kindle). Credits to the original uploaders and translation teams (I’ll try to update later). Continue reading

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How To Win Friends And Influence People – A Summary

Well, this book by Dale Carnegie gave me wider knowledge on how to influence people. Once I listened to the audio book but did not absorb everything said. And here I found a great summary of this book on here. I wish you can spare some time to read or listen to this amazing piece. Continue reading

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Beliefs in the modern era

I still remember those teenager days I was like a rebel, grouping a small number of friends to start an anti-religious group. I was already fed with those holy like words, making me sick of their unexplainable thoughts — those people were so conservative, but I couldn’t do anything against them except to stay on my own way, that was avoiding.
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some words about graduation ceremony i went through

what is a graduation ceremony? it is a place where you register for yourself to be entitled with somewhat an honour to be presentable in front of several hundreds or thousands crowd of people — you will have to wait in line, queued for hours and then get your turn to shake hand with some professors you’ve never seen before in your university and then a lot of camera light flashes at you to blur your vision, and if you have enough fans, your fans might scream for your name like crazy. congratulation, now you have become a graduate.

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Latest Project: Property Listing Website

Even though the system is not fully featured like a real property website, I think this is one of my biggest achievement in developing PHP application in a bigger scope which includes features such as posting, managing and especially messaging. This is my first time implementing these features on my own solution.
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