The week that differents other weeks~

Uh oh.. Lately I don’t have any idea to write..
Wasting time listening to radio and music, downloading GBs of old movies and new songs by torrents. That’s all I am doing this week. I hope I could finish the download before Friday, coz I have to go back to T without my lappie.. Haia… *pucing*pucing*lar*

And another task I do lately is just playing that PS game on fb.. yawh.. I am addicted already.. Whoa!!!! But what thing else can I do? I am so laze to train my basketball skill this week and I forgot to bring my basketball when I came to Mdn.. another yawh.. Argggh…

Now I just wanna scream… FREedOME!!!!!!!!!!
This week is just too free and just too restricting, and I can’t eat my fav nasi goring coz no one is selling in this romadhon what month…

Word of The Day
Dynamic range
the range of sound intensity that occurs in a piece of music or that can be satisfactorily handled by a piece of equipment

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