Saving Web Pages in MHT using Firefox (Any Version)

Some moment ago I was really in need to open MHT files, but it took me alot of time to open it with IE8! IE8 sucks! So I think I have to save some time for next time and I found a simple xpi file that can help to save it for me. Viva Firefox and viva for those who work on this simple firefox extension.

For those who don’t know what MHT is, it is a compressed format to save webpages into a single file and all images/css/text related to webpage, all embedded into a single simple page (.mht). Firefox does not have support for MHT format, coz it was created by nerds from Microsoft.

And I just wanna share this simple thing right now. Download it and try how fast it is…
Download unmht-5.4.0.xpi

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