Symbian S60 Unicode Font Upgrade

Ha! At last i found unicode gdr myself. lol
Ok, for anyone who need it to upgrade your symbian phone supports asian characters, follow me. :)

First, you need a file explorer or fileman app and font remover if you installed other font already.
Then, download these fonts files aka gdr…

Big or small font you like best, eh?
If you prefer small one, copy 11x12_latin.gdr font along with Browsereur.gdr and Ceurope.gdr, paste to your folder in c:\System\Fonts\

* 15x16_latin.gdr is for bigger font.

Create Fonts folder if you don’t have it yet.

Reboot your phone.

And.. Voila, you got it! :D

Tested on Nokia 7610, I can’t guarantee a successful patch on other, though. Good luck. :)

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