This semester summarized in a journal

Holy damn, this whole semester was rushing like crazy. I could not imagine how the fkkk I managed to finish everything on time, but yeah thanks to myself for doing it for my own fkkking sake. I even got an A+ for ENTRE subject assignment which boosted my confidence for a short period. I think I need to reward myself with something.

So, today is the day that I have been waiting so far, finishing all of my school assignment and for the last time for this degree I am enrolled on. Though, I am not satisfied with some of my work, especially yesterday’s presentation on CRIMISO assignment where I was nervous as I forgot a lot of things and keep looking back at my notes. All of this is because of today’s IMNPD submission which got me a headache last night.

I cant say for sure if this level I will be able to achieve upper class since my second level GPA only averaged on 3.1 which makes me quite afraid that I wont be able to achieve my expected score. Furthermore, I am starting to prepare for my CV and resume to look for a job in here. I have my visa lasts until this end of November. Thus I need to make sure I get a job before my visa expires.

Oh by the way, two weeks ago I bought a PSP to mess with. From what I can tell, PSP is really light compared to my 3DS and it also support pirated games, so that I can continue playing my PES 2013 in this PSP instead of playing it in my 3DS which always make me scream as I lose control. LOL.

The PSP model is 3000 and I think it is Asia or HK version since I also cannot see the model directly. The PSP is second handed and refurbished already, and I got it around 250 ringgit. Pretty cheap in my opinion since I also get a 16 GB memory card. Now it is stuffed with many nostalgic PSX games as well as some PSP games. I can’t find many hit PSP games though, most of the games I wanted to play were either from PSX or DS. Geez.

And then on that week my PSP came, I went to Genting to see my parents and brother. It was a great refreshment since the last time I went to Genting was maybe around March or April. I cant remember. And hell yeah, I am levelling up next month. I believe no one notice will remember. Heh. Yeah, it is not that important.

I haven’t been following around iOS hacking since I find the latest operating system not that appealing and my iPod touch cant handle the newest iOS anymore. Duh. Maybe Apple is starting to lost their grip.

On the other hand, I submitted my final year project hard cover bound without taking a photo of it. Duh. And again, it is not that important. But hell, I finished it with my own sweat and brain! I know I can!

I think that’s all I can think about to summarize this semester. I am very exhausted and tired.. Oh before I forget, I really need to cut my hair to get a p

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