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Sword Art Online

This Sword Art Online eBooks are from fans translation. So far I have only read the Phantom Bullet saga and the translation should be ok — I mean, it is not that horrible. The eBooks are in MOBI format (compatible … Continue reading

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How To Win Friends And Influence People – A Summary

Well, this book by Dale Carnegie gave me wider knowledge on how to influence people. Once I listened to the audio book but did not absorb everything said. And here I found a great summary of this book on here. … Continue reading

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Beliefs in the modern era

I still remember those teenager days I was like a rebel, grouping a small number of friends to start an anti-religious group. I was already fed with those holy like words, making me sick of their unexplainable thoughts — those … Continue reading

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some words about graduation ceremony i went through

what is a graduation ceremony? it is a place where you register for yourself to be entitled with somewhat an honour to be presentable in front of several hundreds or thousands crowd of people — you will have to wait … Continue reading

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Latest Project: Property Listing Website

Even though the system is not fully featured like a real property website, I think this is one of my biggest achievement in developing PHP application in a bigger scope which includes features such as posting, managing and especially messaging. … Continue reading

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