The past 3 years and now

So it has been 3 years since I started to work. There had been so many ups and downs, laughs and disappointments, as well as uncountable sleepless nights. Wave of events have changed my perspective on life and self improvement. I’ve become very active too in some programs. Tho, I am still not sure if this is what I seek.

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Short update

Life goes on. For whatever happened in the past, let it go. Live your present for your future.

It’s amazing to see a person that can handle other people well. Influencing and radiating an utmost sincerity. I admired how he would talk to the complaining customers, changing their mindset to follow his. I think he got an aura that splits other people’s, thus you cannot resist for the whole conversation. There are still a lot more I need to learn, so that one day I will have what he had.

I am gonna get my very first drive this week. I am excited and scared at the same time. I just hope I don’t crash (ouch) my first ride.

Last whole month was a very hectic month. Running the wheel for the deadline and direct customer support. It was a good experience though!

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Wizard of earthsea and tombs of atuan short review

I’ve been reading the earthsea cycle in the past month. A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula is a great fantasy book about young wizard called Sparrowhawk. At first I was immersed by her style of writing, very structured just like the way I would love to narrate a story. But step by step with old vocabularies, at some parts the story is getting more harder to understand with my just-so-so English vocabulary. I need to open up my dictionary and continue reading. But with the Kindle I bought, it is easy to go through some words. Except things like gebbeth or whatever it is. Nevertheless, overall A Wizard of Earthsea was a nicely told.

The Tombs of Atuan though, I was expecting the story to focus on Sparrowhawk again, but no, it continues with the story of a priestess or something called Tenar. The narration style is slightly changed, I cannot express it in words, but it is harder to understand. I think I just get 70% of the total story understood.

Now I am continuing with her third book, the Farthest Shore. Stuck in chapter 2. Would love to finish this book sooner so that I can read about Tehanu..

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2014 third quarter updates

Halloween just ended days ago, nothing special as I never celebrate it either way. Right now I am just waiting for CNY to come. I really miss my home, I wanna go home and see their familiar faces, see how they are growing without me.

Well, it’s November now, means it is just 3 months away! Past few months I have been busy with my works. I love it working here. As a software developer, as a thinker. A player that is behind the scene. I wanna learn more so that one day I would build my own software.

Works aside, I bought a new car! But hell now I am pretty much broke. Spending over 10k myr just for car and don’t forget the loans. I borrowed some advance salary from my boss, and some 26k from the bank. Well, total debt. When I was going to sign the bank loan agreement, I was offered a credit card. Nonetheless I rejected it right away. I am so scared or maybe skeptical about credit cards. I know it is not really a bad thing, but with my current financial budget, I just want to be safe and have lesser things to make me get stressed. Before I got to the bank, I got lost around Bandar Kinrara there. It is a big city-ship indeed! The biggest of Puchong area as I heard from the taxi driver who saved my life. I was on the other side of the Kinrara, all of the area near the bank is really similar with the area I was lost around. I walked 2 hours before I found the taxi, fortunately the bank hadn’t closed at that time (past 4.30 pm, they normally close at 4.30 pm). Signing the agreement was the worst. So many papers to sign and they are empty! What kind of agreement is it? Passing empty agreement to the person who wants to get a loan, this seems like a scam or maybe AhLong.

Going back further to the past (September), it was the first time I celebrate my birthday with friends. We shared the same birthday month, so… Anyway, it was fun. We ate cake and drank some alcoholic beverage. Ah… If only everyday can be like that. :D

As a person working 9 to 7, having time to spend doing something new out of the blue will help reducing stress. Hope you have a nice day there.

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Working my way out into the society

Well, it was already 14 weeks 9 months since I joined this company. A lot of things happened and lead my eyes wide into the real world, a human race community. Still I find it hard to believe that I, who believe in individualism, have blended with them. I need their help as they need my help. We achieve goals together and bring solution to real world problems. Continue reading

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