The past 3 years and now

So it has been 3 years since I started to work. There had been so many ups and downs, laughs and disappointments, as well as uncountable sleepless nights. Wave of events have changed my perspective on life and self improvement. I’ve become very active too in some programs. Tho, I am still not sure if this is what I seek.

My principles are about being honest, trustable, appreciating person. And I always believed that karma exist. There is one bible passage that sticks to my mind, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”. This passage reminds me to mind my own business. But honestly now, it’s all too naive.

In previous post I had talked about my first experience driving car. 2 years has passed since, I am more than confident to tell you that I drive and park well now! My car, a Perodua Axia, much to my delight is doing quite well letting me driving around. It’s hitting 18000 Km now. I know it’s not much, but still it’s a record for me to drive that far! It’s easy to maintain and affordable too. I suggest you get a cheap but reliable car like this too if you are beginning to get your first drive. Driving need a lot of patience and concentration, don’t drink and drive and please, buckle up even if you are a passenger. Safety first, mate.

I didn’t expect that BlackBerry would start to obsolete so fast when I started my FYP on college. But look now, it’s 2017 and all smart phones are filled by a rectangle with capacitive screen design boring design. Regardless, I still love Android and iOS compared to BB’s OS. The development toolkits are much more streamlined. You can learn to program those gadgets easily through tutorials on youtube or stackoverflow. To me, it’s the golden time for apps development. Website is not dead yet tho. But fuck all those new web jargons and shit. HTML5 become the new standard. A lot of JS and client side scripting making it very heavy on your devices. It’s getting slower and irresponsive.

To be continued…

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