Hey, it’s almost a year.

It’s almost a year since my last post. I am here to write something about programming but realized that my last post was last year on 26 march!

Since, I am already here, let’s recap of what happened from the past whole year.

Post breakup, I was very busy with work. I am much more confident of myself now than ever. Maybe I was growing up through that phase. A phase where a person falls to rock bottom and found a dim light above, which gives courage to reach it.

Although it broke my heart at first, it’s now just another page to me, my life’s been spiced up and down, and I started to felt that I had became apathetic to lovey dovey phase in life anymore.

Around April, I went to Hanoi for a short-over-the-weekend vacation. Well, coz the ticket I bought for my ex to go back my hometown together had been called off.. tsk. I used the credit from that ticket and purchased the 3 days trip. It was fun, I found some new friends, learned about them and the best? I could enjoy the breeze air at Ha Long Bay! The place was spectacular and I planned to visit Hanoi again for Sapa.

Went to Taipei on May for business trip and learned more about new technologies coming up. But after a year, I don’t see much progress on those technologies. All I could think of it was as a working holiday. Enjoy the cultural differences and visited my aunt.

On August, I went to Bangkok with the friend I made in Hanoi. Well, our relationship was kinda wrecked after the trip tho. Maybe I was and am still not ready for another relationship…

The last quarter of the year was the most frustrating moment of my life. I had been thinking about ending life and tried to leave all behind or find another job. Well, I submitted my resignation, but I still stay here til now (/sweat). The frustration has pushed my limit to another level to reach something more meaningful. Making me a better person perhaps. Man gotta stick with his principles. And for me, the most important thing are integrity and attitude.

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