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Possibility To Gain First Class Degree

I am looking forward getting a first class degree for this course. Currently my base grade is only B+ and the GPA is around 3.4 if calculated correctly where GPA from level 2 is only 30% and level 3 is … Continue reading

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This semester summarized in a journal

Holy damn, this whole semester was rushing like crazy. I could not imagine how the fkkk I managed to finish everything on time, but yeah thanks to myself for doing it for my own fkkking sake. I even got an … Continue reading

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Bug Report: Error #500

Bug Report: Error #500 Report Title: Internal Service Error There is a bug found on the BIOS of this body’s processor which enable a worm to reside on the host, its generic name known as ‘Brain32.Depression’. It can infect in … Continue reading

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What happened in the past 8 months?

I discovered a lot of new things. Cuisines, friends, movies, games, money making, happiness, sadness..

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