Latest Project: Property Listing Website

Even though the system is not fully featured like a real property website, I think this is one of my biggest achievement in developing PHP application in a bigger scope which includes features such as posting, managing and especially messaging. This is my first time implementing these features on my own solution.

The system’s idea was coming from my friend who asked me to create a property listing website like iProperty but the system implementation was by myself. Regardless, it was kind of hard to accomplish in the beginning as I needed to understand the initial design in HTML format without proper documentation. But after a while, I was able to figure out the whole system and keep on implementing the features my friend asked.

This system took roughly 2 weeks to implement in my exam weeks so I think I usually can finish it in around 3 to 4 days if I work full time on it. Previously my application uShare also took roughly 2 weeks too. I hope you liked this system implementation. And by the way the system is fully implemented in PHP accompanied by MySQL, so there is no AJAX or Java Script involved in the programming process.

You can visit the site here

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