Procrastination is not yet over

Hell yeah, still having my lazy days. No improvement on studies nor assignments. Haha.
I cant believe it, this is my 3rd semester already but yet I kinda love to procrastinate for whatever reason I have (or might not have :P)

So in an hour it will be December already huh? Time flies rapidly, faster than my procrastination. :P
Yet, I have no idea what I gonna do in this soon-coming December. Not really matter, but tons of assignments are waiting ahead :(

Let’s review, right now I have started to read DWDS, what about others? Not even get into any group for ECOM, this sucks. I think I am going to fail this one? Haha. Hopefully nope. Just wish that someone willingly to ask me to join their group.
Thinking of going back home already, coz it is so boring here, haven’t got any job to do yet. I really need some bunch of dollars.

Grr. Have nothing else to say. Always happen like this. :P

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